Why Outsource IT?

Offshore Software Development in Ukraine

Ardas understand the commercial needs of modern global businesses; fast solutions for long-term results. With the rapid growth of business technology there is a constant need for IT professionals with specialist skills in software development.

One of the benefits of modern IT technology is that programming and maintenance of your systems can be undertaken from remote areas, and with lines of communication at a premium staying in touch is simple wherever you are in the world.

Because IT plays such an integral part in the day to day functions and reliability of a business, software specialists are in high demand and their expertise is subsequently reflected in their wages. By outsourcing your IT solutions to offshore specialists like Ardas, you will significantly reduce the costs it takes to employ onsite personnel.

And because Ardas is based in the Ukraine, our fees are much more affordable than companies working out of developed countries. This is why western companies are turning to IT professionals based in countries with economies in transition.

Furthermore, competence in the field of IT not only lies in expertise and constant innovation, but also in cost management. Extensive government programs to bring in software experts to fill gaps in the IT sector only solve the problem of demand for the industry, but it does not give any consideration to the cost of employing onsite personnel and subsequently costs companies long-term expenses in wages and standard company benefits.

Offshore software development solves both the need for programming resources and because our costs are substantially lower than salary levels commanded by onsite IT specialists, you will save sufficient funds to invest in other areas of growth for your business.

With over 10 years experience in the field of program development, our team are specialists in software development projects and database design together with a number of other IT disciplines including but not limited to, system programming in Windows and Linux, database design, manufacturing and accounting systems.

Our specialists are capable of completing software products in full in a wide variety of areas (domain area analysis, building conceptual, logical and physical models, completing functional specifications, coding, software testing and support). If you only need part development of a product we are happy to help you out with that too.

If you are interested to know more about our remote location software development services contact us.