Quality Assurance You Can Rely On

Producing the best in quality software is very important to us and to ensure our products deliver their maximum potential on a consistent basis we do not underestimate the need for rigorous quality control procedures.

We pride ourselves on ensuring the software products we create for our clients are effective, consistently reliable and delivered in timely fashion. To guarantee we produce a top-quality software package that is right for you we carry out quality assurance measures at each phase of the development lifecycle and communicate every part of the testing process with you. Our procedures are proven to be air-tight.

Quality assurance work starts before coding is started. We create mock-ups giving you a visual that informs you precisely how the software looks, what it does or what you need it to do. This help to discover usability issues at very early stage. During development we use a lot of practices to be sure in the best quality of product. Our quality control measures give you assurances that all software development is completed and tested, and that any outstanding action points are resolved.

It is important for us that you are kept well-informed of the progress we are making so we use project management system that you have direct access to.

Our quality assurance procedures not only ensure that the software we develop is in full working order, but also enables us to agree deliverable targets with you. Because you have full access to documentation you are able to check the status of our progress is within the agreed timeframe and refer to checklists covering all the points for development and testing is up-to-date.

We are especially good in performance testing and functional testing automation. Full functional tests suite is run several times per day to check the system meets with your business objectives. Performance tests are run at least once per week and check the software is performing accordingly to SLA. We are able to emulate thousands of users loading or achieve extreme levels of system stress by performing specific requests. Based on the tests results we are able to identify and remove performance bottlenecks, prepare scalability recommendations.

Our lab is fully equipped to conduct a wide range of testing that guarantees we deliver a first-class package. Not only do we conduct strict quality checks on the products that we develop ourselves, but our expertise also attracts clients who need external testing for their products.

When testing on behalf of external customers we prefer to keep in direct contact of the programmer and where necessary introduce them to new quality assurance culture they may not be familiar with. As an act of faith to our clients we sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to protect sensitive information about your products and your company practices.